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Fully hand-painted Bucket Bag with Natural Bamboo Handle.

This piece is designed, hand-painted and signed with passion by our Founder and Artist Maria Alejandra Pérez N.

Each piece is individually hand-painted and can take 8 to 21 hours to be completed. Please allow 3 to 6 business days to complete your exclusive piece and process the order.

Our pieces are characterized by their hand-painted finish, for being one of a kind and limited edition. The brand uses a combination of highly-resistant acrylic paints, great quality linens, cottons and rayons to ensure durability and withstand hand washing.


  • 100% Canvas.
  • Highly-resistant acrylic paints.
  • Length: 
  • Hours of Work: 8 hours


  • Base: Black
  • Print Options: White Tropical Leaves
  • Colors may vary due to the custom specifications of your computer.


  • Do Not Wash
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Do Not Steam Iron
  • Do Not Dryclean
  • Do Not Bleach


If you want to personalized your piece with your name or you want to choose other print or color from our collection please contact us to before place your order. We'll be more than happy to please you!

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